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Plumbing has been one of the most important foundational services offered by Papa Grant Mechanical since our earliest days. You can’t live without water and you can’t have water without proper plumbing. We can help you install, repair, or maintain whatever water-based system you have on your hands. With the right drainage and plumbing work you can help reduce consumption and lower utility costs. Put your mind at ease and wash, clean, and cook without worry!

Residential Plumbing Services

Papa Grant repairs all leaking water systems in residential homes (both inside and outside). Our professionals can make recommendations for systems that lower consumption and reduce water costs. We can also recommend and install new plumbing retrofits and fixtures based on your needs.

Devices to Soften the Hardest Water:

Have you noticed showering and washing has become difficult and not as effective? Your household could be dealing with an abundance of calcium and magnesium compounds in your water, otherwise known as “hard water”. Water softeners from Papa Grant Mechanical will eliminate these compounds through ion exchange, leaving you with purer water that refreshes and cleans as it should.

Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Services

Of course, Papa Grant also repairs all leaking water systems in commercial and industrial buildings (both inside and outside). We also install retrofits and energy efficient plumbing fixtures. 

We are here to handle any of the following plumbing services:


Bathroom sink repair

Bathtub repair

Sewers & drain cleaning

Toilet repair

Fixture repair

Grease trap installation

Backwater valve installation

Faucet replacement

Toilet replacement

Fixture replacement

Shower repair

Shower installation

Faucet repair


New installations

Sewage & sump pump installations

Complete plumbing repairs

Thawing frozen pipes

Water softeners

Video Scoping for Drainage

The best way to detect and prevent any drainage problems fast is through video scoping technology. Most of the time when there’s a drain plug, a drainage mechanic will come in and do the drain cleaning and leave. But sometimes the problem is still there despite the work, as they can’t be sure as to how thoroughly they actually cleaned the drain. Video scoping helps you look into the drains and look at problems in 360 degrees, to help scope out present problems and prevent future issues.

Papa Grant Mechanical offer video scoping services alongside our plumbing. We can even record the video and provide it to our customers through USB. It can give you a detailed view of what is going on with their drainage.

GIVE PAPA GRANT A CALL to keep your water flowing freely and efficiently. Schedule your plumbing service with us today!

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