Air Quality

Breathe Deeply and Breathe Cleanly

Take a big breath in. That clean air is due to a well-maintained air filter. Breathe easier and cleaner with air filtration services from Papa Grants Mechanical. Make sure your air conditioning and forced air heater is not only keeping you cool, but keeping your lungs clean and healthy.

Papa Grant Mechanical has maintained Calgary’s air quality by providing punctual service for filter changes and scheduled maintenance. We make sure to keep all information specifics such as filter size, fan, and equipment changes on hand to be as efficient as possible next time we visit. When the time comes, we send out reminders that your service is due for routinely checks, so you don’t have to worry.

We provide upgrades to high quality filtration types, including ultraviolet (UV) and HEPA filters which can clean up to 99.7% of the air that you breathe. We also install and provide maintenance to heat recovery ventilation systems, which increases heat efficiency and removes stale air.

CALL US TODAY to have your filters checked and changed if necessary. Make your next breath of air a bit more enjoyable with Papa Grant Mechanical.

Be sure to ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Agreement.

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