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  • What is HVAC?
    29/10/2018 - Papa Grant Mechanical
    What is HVAC?

    Sometimes us mechanical technicians throw around industry jargon with the expectation that everyone just knows what we’re talking about. It’s simple to us, so it must be simple to everyone else! That isn’t always the case, as we’re continually asked questions about our lingo, the most common one-by far-being what HVAC is, covers and stands for.

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  • 5 Signs Your Furnace is About to Go Kaput
    03/10/2018 - Papa Grant Mechanical
    5 Signs Your Furnace is About To Go Kaput

    As a company that–among many other things–maintains and installs furnaces, our expert technicians have seen every conceivable issue that has started small, and mushroomed into a disaster at the worst possible time (hello, two feet of snow). People who never thought of furnace maintenance are surprised to know there are warning signs that point to the need for a tweak, or even a whole new unit.

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